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Hedwig and the Angry Inch - DVD
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Soundtrack
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Original Cast Recording
John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask

Choose your poison.  Need all the pageantry and drag-a-rama of Hedwig?  Get the DVD.  Just really groove on the music?  Then get the soundtrack.  Think Hollywood ruins everything?  Get the original cast recording.


Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare

And again, the Arden edition - the only one that matters.  I think this includes Queen Mab as it appeared in Quarto 1, and the text of Brooke's Romeus and Juliet (1562) - one of Shakespeare's sources.  And of course, 77 pages of introduction.  We're not kidding. This is the best edition 


The Alchemist and Other Plays
Ben Jonson

And the first of those other plays is, you got it, Volpone.  Though the Alchemist is good, too - if not a little similar.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge described the Alchemist as the most perfect plot in literature ever written.  But then he was high on opium most of the time.  I mean, you gotta be to come up with Kubla Khan.  Anyways, if you found that you really went for the Erudite Bawd's brand of dark humour, check out this excellent little tome: Volpone, Epicene (or the Silent Woman), The Alchemist, and Bartholomew Fair.  All the more "well-known" Jonsonian plays.  And this Oxford edition is fully annotated, so you can reference the obscure works Jonson cites, the moldy historical figures he mocks, or find out that, yes, indeed, "no pleasure but backwards" means exactly what you think it means, you dirty little devil....


The Misanthrope
Martin Crimp, tr.

Whew!  Get a new theater and everything goes to hell!  Haven't kept up with the BotM.  But this month, we present to you Martin Crimp's ultra-modern version of The Misanthrope.  Alceste (Al) is a playwright, Celimene (Celia) is an actress named Jennifer, and Arsinoe (Alicia) is an acting teacher. In England.  Produced in 1997 with Uma Thurman.  Still rhyming couplets, and we decided we wanted to have a go at it ourselves.  But nonetheless, good stuff.  Hey, how can you go wrong with a guy that rhymes "hypocrite" and "shit."  Or "acceptable" and "Paracetamol."  (Which I'm told is a tranquilizer!)

The Misanthrope
Richard Wilbur, tr.

Or, you can go for this much more classic and standard version by Richard Wilbur, Pulitzer-winning translator of Moliere.  Hey, the rhyming couplets are kinda catchy, but they start to get to you a little.  Unless you can read French, this is the authoritative version.  And you know the Mob: we don't do anything the authorities tell us to.  At least willingly.



Utten and Plumley
Reade Whinnem

Our illustrious AD, Ryan Whinnem, has a brother.  It's true!  And Reade just published a children's novel!  Rumor has it that it outsold Harry Potter opening day ... on Cape Cod.  (You have to take your victories small sometimes.)  And why should you care?  Well, Reade is an out-of-town Mob sympathizer.  He's designed several of our show posters, including the extravaganzas for Midsummer and Caesar. 

"Old Man Plumley is the meanest man who ever lived.  He collects bloody jars full of bugs, his pet is a wolf, and he lives in the scariest house in town.  But when Utten's friend dares him to sneak into Plumley's home, Utten finds a lonely, grumpy old man who has no desire to hurt anyone.  Utten embarks on a magical journey through time to find Plumley as a young boy, changing the course of Plumley's life to save his very soul."


Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare

Well, duh.  The new Third Edition of the Arden.  What else.  It's the script we're using - with cuts.  And the Arden, in our opinion, remains the most complete and authoritative guide on the text.  Let's put it this way - the script itself doesn't start until page 155; the Dramatis Personae on page 150.  The rest?  Introductory text.  Fully footnoted, with notation for differences in the source material.  Can you ask for more from printed Shakespeare?  We think not.  Don't go for cheap editions.  Do yourself a favor and get the only one edition that matters


Games for Actors and Non-Actors
Augusto Boal

One day, not too long ago, this book showed up from Amazon.  Ryan had ordered it at the bequest of Mike.  It has some interesting stuff.  I just skimmed it - and there was one cool looking thing called the Greek exercise which involved moving as though weightless.  But frankly, after looking at this book, I'm afraid of what Mike's going to make us all do.  Gulp.


The Dog of the South
Charles Portis

Werner Trieschmann, playwright of You Have to Serve Somebody:

"Favorite of all time book would be Dog of the South by obscure Arkansas novelist, Charles Portis. Portis goes through these revivals where he is trumpeted as America's forgotten genius and, though I'm suspect of those kind of plaudits, it is too true. Portis is a genius and the best kind of genius - a hilarious one. Do yourself a favor and do what you can to land a copy of Dog of the South. The story is kind of an existential journey to Mexico. But it's a lot better than that meager description. I haven't read it in a while, which is a sad thing for me."



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