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Season Seven

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Bottom Dollar
A Bicycle Country
Twelfth Night

Mobtown's exciting seventh season comes to you. 

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

October 8-31, 2004 & January 14-31, 2005
By John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask
Directed by Terry Long

A rocking one (wo)man show about a transsexual, a botched surgery, a rock star, and finding yourself. By John Cameron Mitchell with music by Stephen Trask.

Bottom Dollar

December 3-18, 2004
By Rich Espey
Directed by Jim Page

It’s Christmastime, and Jason, the manager of X-Mart store #1464 has a plan to save the corporation he reveres while helping the town he loves. The residents of Crassley, PA, learn the true meaning of X-mas, in all its Politically Correct, Corporate, Spending Frenzied glory!


February 25-March 13, 2005
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Ryan Whinnem

William Shakespeare’s brilliant play about greed and the quest for power.  Come see what happens to their fairy tale dreams in Mobtown’s version of one of Shakespeare’s  greatest tragedies. 

A Bicycle Country

April 1-23, 2005
By Nilo Cruz
Directed by Carlos del Valle

Set in the early 1990’s in Cuba, A Bicycle Country is a lyrical, powerful, and eccentric journey. Julio is recovering from a stroke, aided by his caregiver Inés and friend Pepe. Julio’s payment to Inés for her caregiving is a raft, on which the three will embark for America.  Written by last year’s Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Nilo Cruz. 

Baltimore Playwrights Festival

June 10-26, 2005
Directed by Allan Dale III

In the past five festivals our plays have included lonely elves, ditzy hitmen, and cross dressing old ladies.  What could this year’s entry entail?  We don’t know, but we sure can’t wait to find out. 

Twelfth Night

August 11-28, 2005
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Erin Riley

Shakespeare’s beloved comedy Twelfth Night comes to us for our fourth Puck in the Park.  See, there are these twins.  One becomes a cross dresser.  Then there are these two drunks, and an angry Puritan.  And… well… things get confused.


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