Wait List
Please fill in all information below.  We will begin releasing tickets at fifteen minutes before curtain.

# Tix:  


We are sorry, but we do not currently accept credit cards at the box office, the night of the show.  If you would like to purchase your tickets via credit card, please use MissionTix.

This is the way it works.  We will continue to sell tickets on line at MissionTix until the theater is at capacity (which is 68), regardless of the wait list.  If the show does not sell out, this will work much like a reservation.  If the show does subsequently sell out, we will maintain this as a wait list, and begin releasing tickets to those who have signed up here (or by phone) first.  You may call 410-467-3057 to make the reservation by phone, but this is a better method. Please see our Tickets page for more information.