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We use Constant Contact as our email service.  And because, well, quite frankly, the cost of stamps is way more than the cost of a mailing list, we use the emailing list a lot more than we do snail mail.  Consider that sending out a snail mail to just half of our mailing list would cost us more than twice what Constant Contact costs us....

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It takes seconds.  It saves us beaucoup bucks.  Get up to date on all the doings of Mobtown.  Constant Contact allows you to sign up not just for our basic mailing list, but also lets you sign up for our auditions and volunteer opportunities.  Plus, you can update your profile and help us out by filling in some demographic information.

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By the way - we are switching away from any sort of snail mail list.  Why?  Too expensive.  At this point, to send out a basic snail mail to just half of our mailing list would cost us more than two months' of Constant Contact....


Is it all just getting a little too much for you?  We'll walk you through it.


We're trying to streamline this area and make it simpler for you, just one of the reason's we switched from Topica.  When you enter your email in either the box above or the box on the right sidebar and hit Join - your email is automatically added to our mailing list.  But beyond that you are taken to a page that allows you to sign up for different lists and provide some basic demographic information.  You can get back to this registration page by clicking on the Update Profile/Email Address link at the bottom of every email we send you, or by re-entering your email address in either the box at the right or above.

Our Pledge

We view this as the most efficient and cheapest way for us to get you information about us and our events, and we don't want to abuse your trust.  We will never sell or give away our email list to anyone else beside Mobtown.  We've contracted with Constant Contact so we can use their easy SafeUnsubscribe service to easily remove your email from our list if you no longer want to receive emails.  We will be sending out one email per month, perhaps slightly more often for months when we have a show running.

Your Email Address

If you change your email, you can specify another email on the profile page by clicking Edit Email button next to your email.

Email Lists

We have three basic email lists - the generic Mobtown News list - which gives you great information on our upcoming events and shows plus special deals and invites.  But if you want to be more active with the Mob, we can accommodate you there.  Simply click the box next to Volunteer Opportunities.  From time to time, we will send out an email blast to people asking for help when we need to clean the theater, or for staffing for a show or event, or even to see if anyone has any design experience.  You can also sign up for Audition Announcements; we'll send out an email blast to people on this list letting them know about our next set of auditions.

Your Demographic Information

We don't want to make you take too much time to fill this out, and we aren't going to sell your information to the highest bidder or anything.  But taking a few minutes to fill in at least some of this information will greatly help us get a better handle on our audience.  And that's important when trying to pitch to advertisers or apply for gants.  We're really interested in your zip code, as this let's us know generally where you live.  But your city and state, general age, and general income are all very helpful, too.  If you can give us your name and date of birth, our software can make things a little more personal.  Notice that we don't ask for your address; don't need it anymore - we won't be sending you junk mail.  And if you would like to leave a comment or note, we got a space for that, too. 

Text Only

If you aren't so much of a visual person and don't want the added size and links of our html encoded emails, click this box and we'll send the text version only to you.


If you change your mind, move out of the area, lost your yen for theater, or whatever, you can quickly and easily unsubscribe from the service.  Really.  We hate to see you go, but sometimes two people grow apart....




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