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Our regular prices are $15 General Admission / $12 Students and Seniors. 



General Admission







Please contact us

You may pay via cash or check at the door.  We are sorry, but we do not offer credit card purchases at the door (yet.)  To pay by credit card, please purchase your tickets through MissionTix.


Tickets may be purchased on-line, in advance through MissionTix with a valid credit card.  This is the surest way to guarantee that a seat will be available for you for the performance of your choice.  Please note, however, that we will begin to seat people on the Wait List at 5 minutes of curtain.  If you show up late, we will make every effort to accommodate you, but seats are not assigned and once the show starts, we will not know who is sitting in "your" seat.  Please try to make it on time!

If you cannot make a performance, please do us the courtesy of contacting us in advance to cancel your ticket and make arrangements to reschedule. 

Refunds / Exchanges

We do not offer refunds on pre-sold tickets.  If you cannot make a show after having purchased tickets, or if we need to cancel a show due to inclement weather, please contact us and we will be happy to exchange those tickets for either another show or another production.

Wait List / Reservation Policy

The surest way to guarantee your seat is to purchase tickets in advance through MissionTixIf you choose not to buy tickets in advance, you can register with our Wait List by either using our on-line Wait List/Reservation system, or by calling us at 410-467-3057

For most shows, this will be as good as a reservation.  However, we will continue to sell tickets through MissionTix, until we reach capacity, "bumping" people from the Wait List(Sorry.  As a poor starving theater, money talks.)  If the show is already sold out, we will continue to add names to the Wait List on a first-come-first-served basis. 

If the show is sold out, we will ask you to make yourself comfortable in our lobby.  At five (5) minutes of curtain, we will seat as many people on the Wait List as we have seats available.  If you are not present at that time, we will move to the next person on the list.

If the show is not sold out, your registration on the wait list will work much like a reservation.  We will issue you a ticket upon arrival based upon your standing in the Wait List.  At five (5) minutes to curtain, we will start to accommodate anyone left on the Wait List in the order in which they signed up. 

For example, if we have pre-sold 50 tickets to a show, the first 18 people will be issued a ticket upon arrival.  If you are 19th on the list, we will ask you to wait in the lobby until 5 minutes to curtain, whereupon we will seat you if someone has cancelled or not shown.  If you are not there, we will place you at the bottom of the wait list and move on to the 20th person.

Generally, we have some overflow seating, and for most performances a handful of people will cancel or not show.

Sorry, but try as we might, we cannot always promise to answer questions about your position on the wait list in a timely fashion.  We will try to indicate that a performance is sold out on our calendar, but if you choose to put yourself on the Wait List, please come to the theater.  Again, the surest way to guarantee your seat is to purchase tickets in advance through MissionTix

Contact Us

If you wish to inquire about group rates, need to cancel reservations, get on our wait list, or have any questions or concerns about our ticket prices or policies, please feel free to contact us at:



(410) 467-3057


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